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Paceco Group

We make efficient, profitable and reliable Port Operations happen: Technical Support, Service and High Quality Standards by a remarkable leading Container Crane Manufacturing pioneer group.


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Some among the Main Ports and Global Players in the Cargo Handling Industry keep trusting in our Products and Services

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Paceco Corp & Mitsui E&S Machinery Co. LTD

Paceco Corp is absolute pioneer in the Container Handling Industry. Over 60 years enhancing efficient, profitable, safe and reliable Port Operations Worldwide.

Mitsui E&S Machinery Co. LTD is the leading Japanese Engineering and Shipbuilding Company with a clear calling: modernizing the shipbuilding industry and contributing to environmentally friendly and highly-efficient dockside cargo handling. 60 years collaborating under the technical licensing agreement with PACECO Corp. for container cranes.



& Paceco


Function as two independent companies with complementary but differentiated products and services within the Cargo Handling Industry. They tend to collaborate on the projects they get assigned to offer a much larger spectrum of solutions. The resulting sinergies are perceived by our customers as an enrichment to the projects they entrust us with.

Paceco Momentum.

All services around Container Handling Cranes come together to offer complete, customer-oriented, profitable solutions for Cranes and Terminals. The development of a unique Big Data and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) solution to make your terminal smart was the unavoidable technological consequence of our long experience with Container Terminals and our longing to find new solutions for new challenges: Port Digitalisation comes true with our PACECO SPYDER digital platform.

Miguel Soler Jaufer
CEO Paceco Momentum

“Leaving a profound trace in the new generation Cargo Handling Industry and Terminal Business has turned out to be our most enjoyable challenge. With our Boutique-like Business Model we aim to be a specialized and high professional partner to provide outstanding client satisfaction levels“


Paceco Poseidon.

Advanced Port Technologies tailored for Multipurpose Terminals. An absolutely customized Terminal Operating System (TOS) software that helps more than 40 Multipurpose Terminals worldwide operating smoothly, efficiently and profitably. Port Equipment & Advanced Port Technologies Training Simulator: the best technical, operational and economic performance of your Terminal by training in a safe, immersive Port Environment thanks to Virtual Reality Technologies.

Antonio Díaz-Hellín
Director General Paceco Poseidon

“The full trust our customers rely upon us when it comes to Multipurpose Terminal Automation and Virtual Reality Technologies, is what we most highly value. This is the spirit that keeps us driving forward”

Corporate Social Responsibility

The trace we

intend to leave


our environment

Being aware that our business and activities have a certain impact, we intend to leave a positive footprint in whatever relationship we maintain: customers, suppliers, employees and businesses within the container handling industry.

Improving society’s living standard worldwide was our aim from the very beginning. We more than succeeded thanks to the development of the world’s first high speed, dockside container handling crane. A unique milestone in the container handling industry completely revolutionizing logistics throughout the world, having an unprecedented positive economic and social impact. Ever since, we keep making great efforts to transfer this pioneer social and economic spirit to every business area and business relationship:


Our Products

Through the ability to listen and adapt to the specific needs of our counterparts, we produce advanced technological innovations resulting in higher efficiency, productivity and minimizing environmental impact. Emission reduction and ports decarbonisation is our contribution to sustainability: this is how we add value to our society.


Safety above all is our leitmotiv. Container terminals are critical environments from a safety point of view and we have set very high safety standards in product design and manufacturing, but also in the workplace for the sake of customers and employees.

Product Safety

Attention to detail is exactly where product safety begins: Product safety committees and engineers committed to product improvement and development, extensive safety reviews and testing of all products, as well as hand-on and virtual reality training on our cranes and advanced port technology solutions drive the industry forward, turning terminals into safer environments.

Safety at Work

Safety, health and well-being promotion through suitable individual protection equipments, regular trainings and life-work balancing measures.
Our Corporate Social Responsibility finds a reflection in the values we fully identify with internally: transparency, honesty, trust and loyalty being red lines that govern our actions. Values that we have internalized naturally applying them to all business areas to contribute to society´s well-being.

Proyectos actuales

Mitsui E&S Machinery Co., Ltd. (MES-M) and PACECO® Corp. (PACECO) involved in a local production and consumption hydrogen model at the PORT OF LA, U.S.A. aiming for the transition to
Project to demonstrate a local production and consumption hydrogen model at the PORT OF LA, U.S.A. aiming for the transition to Fuel Cell of port cargo handling machinery and dredge
PACECO GROUP achieves a new milestone on the path towards port decarbonization. Thanks to the delivery of four state-of-the-art NZE (Near-Zero Emission) cranes, NYK Line and UNI-X NCT Corporation (UNI-X)


Paceco Momentum & Paceco Poseidon

C/ Alcalá, 79 – 1º B 28009
Madrid, Spain

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Paceco Momentum & Paceco Poseidon

C/ Alcalá, 79 – 1º B 28009
Madrid, Spain

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